Aging in place has increasingly become a topic of interest for seniors looking for a way to maintain their health and independence as they grow older, as well as those who do not require the services offered at assisted living facilities. With the senior population rapidly increasing across Canada, the importance of suitable living options for those aged 60 and above is greater than ever. Learn more about aging in place, and why an independent living facility can be the perfect fit, below!

What is “Aging in Place”

Aging in place refers to the concepts of seniors having access to the tools and resources that allow them to remain in their residence safely as they age. The ability to age in a familiar environment can provide a great deal of comfort and dignity, but does require a fair amount of forethought to account for the wide range of changes that may occur as an individual grows older. Aspects to keep in mind include:

  • The extent of modifications (widening of door ways, installation of chairlift, lowering light switches, etc.) required to make your current residence compatible with aging in place.
  • How will you care for the property if your mobility becomes limited?
  • Are their stairs or other areas of the home that may difficult or dangerous to navigate?
  • What are your suitable housing options, should you need to move later on?

You will also want to consider community factors, such as:

  • How age-friendly is my community? Are my necessities easily accessible?
  • What services are available to help assist with certain needs?
  • Am I close to the support and services I need presently, as well as in the future?

Age-Friendly Communities

As many seniors and their loved ones discover throughout the process of implementing an age in place plan, maintaining a stand-alone property that’s suitable to meet all the factors above can be difficult, as well as costly. Independent living facilities provide a stable, carefully planned community that is well equipped to meet the needs of adults looking to maintain their autonomy, but also simplify their day to day routine.

Facilities like St. Andrew’s give residents access to a vibrant community, full of regular activities and social events, as well as a safe, cost-friendly, and well-maintained centre to call home. All of our suites are designed to fit the needs of an aging population, making it easy to comfortably age in place. In fact, the St. Andrew’s community is fortunate enough to have several longterm residents! Independent living facilities can afford residents the same age-in-place benefits as those who remain in the family home, including:

  • Self-assurance
  • Regular social stimulation and engagement
  • Convenience

And more!

Comfort, Peace of Mind, Stability

Regardless of whether you choose to relocate to the convenience of an independent living facility or remain in your current home, planning early can help make aging in place a reality for seniors. For more information on the benefits of age-friendly communities, independent living, and how to settle into your new and improved lifestyle with ease, contact our team today!