If you or your loved ones are in the process of contemplating the move to a senior’s housing facility, you may have noticed that there are quite a few options available to you! At St. Andrew’s Centre, we understand just how important it is to feel empowered when making decisions about your living arrangements. To shed some light on the different kinds of communities available to seniors, we’ve put together a simple resource for you to keep in mind during your search. We hope you find it helpful, and most importantly, that it prevents you from feeling overwhelmed during this important time in your life. Read on to learn more, or, contact a member of our staff directly if you’d like more direct assistance learning about independent living facilities!

Independent Living

Independent living communities are the perfect option for adults aged 60 and over that are looking to enjoy an active lifestyle while surrounded by a healthy community. As the name suggests, these facilities are best suited to seniors that maintain the ability to care for themselves, but may be looking to downsize and simplify their daily life with a smaller residence. Often, Independent Living facilities will offer a wide variety of activities to get involved in, plenty of onsite amenities, and will be situated in communities that make it easy for residents to take part in their usual routine. St. Andrew’s Centre, for example, is located in the beautiful Westmount area of Edmonton, Alberta. With plenty of parks, places of worship, shopping centres, and access to public transportation, our residents are able to stay involved in the outside community with ease. Paired with our diverse community activities (featuring our very own artist in residence), there’s always a way to get involved and stay active!

Senior Lodging

Senior Lodges are a mid-point between independent living and assisted living, offering more assistance than an independent facility, typically in the form of dedicated meal plans, and round the clock access to staff for resident safety (note: staff included here are not usually healthcare providers). Lodges are privately run, and as such can vary greatly in terms of services provided, as well as the nature of the staff on-site. This kind of accommodation is best suited to functionally independent individuals whom are capable of arranging and managing their own care, but may require basic services or assistance to remain independent.

Assisted Living

For those who require (or anticipate needing) regular access to support services, such as meal, medication management, and hygiene, assisted living offers additional care along with a vibrant community for residents to enjoy. Assisted living facilities can vary greatly from centre to centre with regards to style of housing, types of assistance provided, and amenities provided. Within Alberta, this kind of housing is also called “Supportive Living”.

Nursing Homes/Long Term Care Facilities

If you or your loved one need significant and routine medical care, nursing facilities offer access to a fully trained staff that can support your needs. For those who are unable to safely navigate daily activities without assistance or will anticipate the need for daily medical care in the near future, nursing homes are a suitable fit.

Choosing the right living facility can have a profound impact on your quality of life and health. While it can often seem like an overwhelming task, we’d like to offer a few words of encouragement for those searching for their next home:

Change may seem daunting at first, but you’d be surprised how quickly you adapt your new environment once you find the right fit! Never be afraid to ask questions and take time to reflect when you have the opportunity. After all, the person that matters the most in all of this is YOU!

If you (or your loved one) are an active adult over the age of 60 seeking an independent living facility in Edmonton, we would love to take you for a tour of our home. Come join the family at St. Andrew’s Centre to see what a happy, healthy, community looks like today! Contact us now to learn more.