COVID-19 Update

Warm Greetings,

I wish to express my continued gratitude to all residents, loved ones and designated support visitors for the continue partnership to help keep our community safe and protected for all who reside at St. Andrews Centre. It is remarkable that we have come through the last 7 months of this pandemic without illness in our community.

As you may have noticed during the last few days, we are working on restoring some “normalcy” back into our facility.

 The CMOH has recently announced amendments to previous guidelines to enhance the resident wellness of our community. Much of these modifications are based on our Centre’s own risk assessment and tolerance level. As the pandemic evolves it continues to be important to maintain strong protections within our setting to minimize the introduction of and/or risk of virus transmission and spread while ensuring the optimal levels of quality of life.

 It is imperative that residents remain vigilant in their actions to protect themselves and others around them from COVID- 19.

 The intent of the expectations issued from Alberta Health is to help ensure that seniors and other vulnerable individuals living and working in these congregated settings are kept as physically safe as possible, mitigating the risks of COVID- 19, as well as other infections as we descend into the flu season.

 As an operator we are expected to advise each resident that they are required to conduct daily self checks for symptoms of COVID 19 (resident screening form as a reference for symptoms). Residents must immediately inform the site contact (main office or security) by phone if they are feeling unwell and immediately self isolate. You will be directed to consent to testing for COVID- 19 through Alberta Health Services.

 Residents who are not required to isolate/quarantine are encouraged (but not required) to stay on the facility’s property, except in the case of necessity. The resident or their alternate decision maker solely makes the determination of what is necessary for themselves. Should a resident choose to go out, for any purposes, the resident should adhere to best practices for safe outings including:

  • Maintain physical distancing of two (2) meters
  • Wear a mask at all times including consideration of any municipal masking bylaws.
  • Ensure safe transportation
  • Maintain good hand hygiene.
  • Discuss and understand the Risk of Unknown Exposure during outings
  • Complete the Health Assessment Screening upon re-entry
  • Upon return from same day outing, the resident is expected to have an open discussion with the operator about risk of unknown exposure during the outing and collectively determine the required safety precaution.
  • For greater clarity, residents who follow all Resident Outing requirements are considered low risk and should not be required to wear a mask or quarantine upon their return.
  • On a case-by-case basis, residents who do not follow Resident Outing requirements may be asked to follow additional safety precautions, depending on the type of activity they engaged in. Please review the chart here.

Residents are permitted to leave the site for extended stays (over 24 hours) off-site (e.g. visits to family cabin, weekends at family house, etc.), should they choose to do so. Quarantine upon return to site would be based on these guidelines.

Any transportation must be done as safely as possible. Residents, families and designated family/support persons/visitors are responsible for contributing both to their own safety and to the safety of the other residents and staff at the site to which the resident will return.

  • Transportation within private vehicles (e.g., if resident drives self or when a visitor or family member picks up a resident)
    • The resident or visitor/family member will ensure that the vehicle has been cleaned and disinfected prior to the resident entering, with focus on high touch surfaces (e.g. handles, steering wheel, window controls, armrests, seat belts, etc.).
    • When driving with passengers, driver and all passengers must wear a mask.
    • The driver and resident/passengers will sit as far apart as possible, minimizing the number of passengers in the vehicle (e.g. one driver with resident sitting as far away as possible)
  • Public Transit (including city busses, LRT, handi-bus, taxi, uber, etc.)
    • Follow guidelines set out by municipal transit operators to maintain safety
    • Maintain safe physical distancing
    • Wear a mask
    • Frequently use hand sanitizer and especially after having contact with high touch surfaces (e.g. armrests, doors and railings, handles, etc.)

 Group /Recreational Activities are slowly being reintroduced into our facility. Each activity that will be/has been reestablished will have a comprehensive review based on level of risk of the activity. We encourage residents to continue visiting with each other in a natural, self- directed way while remaining attentive to personal safety. Low risk activities such as exercise, card games, movies, crafts, etc are encouraged to resume. High risk activities as such as group singing, food preparation, etc are to be avoided at this time. Group size restrictions are based on space requirements and adherence to public health guidance. Good hand hygiene is imperative immediately before and after participating in any event and if masks can be worn this practice is encouraged. All equipment will be sanitized between each use.

 Residents are encouraged to continue visiting our common/shared spaces in the Centre. Please remember to respect physical distancing guidelines and practice good hand hygiene to help limit the spread of any type of illness.

 Shared dining has resumed in our Garden Café and Atrium. We ask that all residents and visitors refrain from rearranging tables and chairs as the current arrangement is set out to meet  Alberta Health Ministry and AHS standards for safe dining practices and allows for physical distancing for residents who are waiting to purchase items in the Café.

Residents who are on isolation/quarantine measures are not permitted to attend group activities/events, visit common areas, etc until personal restrictions are completed. If the Centre has a confirmed COVID 19 outbreak all group recreational activities and events will be cancelled until the outbreak is lifted and additional measures will be put in place as needed in the areas of Food Services, Hospitality and Administration.

St. Andrews Centre did receive a surprise inspection from the Alberta Health Ministry and Accommodation Standards Licensing Body the morning of September 11th, 2020. The inspectors toured our facility and monitored all areas to ensure that our community was in compliance with all CMOH orders. I am pleased to report that our facility did very well. I feel that this is a source of validation to all stakeholders that while the restrictions have been challenging for everyone, we are following all the guidelines as mandated.

 Please ensure to review the attached Resident Health Screening form to educate yourself on the signs and symptoms of COVID 19 to help you complete your self assessments.

Should you have any questions or concerns please call the main office at 780-452-4444 ext#0 during regular business hours of 8am- 4pm, Monday through Friday, and we will be delighted to assist you.

Warm Regards,

Wanda Beaudoin
Chief Operating Officer
St. Andrew’s Centre

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