If you’ve recently made the decision to move into an independent living facility, you may be feeling a variety of emotions as you prepare for your upcoming transition. Happiness, nervousness, excitement, and plenty of other feelings are completely normal during this time of change. To ease any butterflies you may have, below are a few tips to help ease your transition into an independent living community.

Start With a Plan

Just like any big life decision, taking the chance to plan out the various details will help to reduce any anxious thoughts and ensure a smooth process. Downsizing your belongings can take a little while, so you’ll want to leave yourself enough time to sort through everything and decide what essentials to bring along. Bear in mind that, while it may sound daunting to part with personal items, many end up finding the process freeing and overwhelmingly positive. Start chatting with friends and family to decide what items to keep and how you’ll transport them, as well as the most efficient way to clear out items you’re ready to part with.

Make the Most of Any Orientation Services and Get to Know the Community

Starting fresh in a new community can feel a little overwhelming at first, but with a little assistance, you’ll feel at home in no time. Inquire about orientation services when selecting your Independent Living facility, and be sure to partake in any newcomer events early on to aid your transition. You may also want to consider dipping your toes into general community activities and events to help introduce yourself to your new neighbours!

Decorate Your Space

Nothing helps a new place feel like home with personal touches. Adding artwork, arranging your furniture, and creating a familiar space will help you adjust to your new home quickly. While it’s perfectly normal to feel a little out of sorts at first, many residents find that they’re able to sink into a new routine in no time. Discuss with your facility how you can customize your suite to meet your personal tastes and preferences.

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