Choosing the right living arrangements can sometimes feel like a challenge. With the kids out of the house and settled down, many adults find that their current home has too much space for their needs, and that other arrangements may be more suitable. Finding the best fit takes patience, as well as an understanding of the different levels of senior living options available. If you or your loved ones are in search of new accommodations, but are unsure of what best suits your needs, below is a brief explanation of two common options: assisted and independent living.

Uncover the Difference

At St. Andrew’s Centre, one of the most common questions we get from potential residents, as well as their family members, centers around distinguishing the differences between varying kinds of accommodations. There are several levels of care available for seniors, ranging from minimal outside involvement to long term care or medically assistive facilities. Knowing what each facility offers will help you make your selection with confidence, as well as ensure you have the proper level of care to match your individual needs.

Independent Living refers to a broad category of housing that ranges from apartment-style communities to housing co-ops. Residents typically living in their own dwelling and have complete autonomy, though there are usually common areas for the community to gather. Independent living is sometimes also referred to as an active adult community due to the fact that such facilities are designed for residents that are self-sufficient and who wish to live an independent lifestyle. Many of the features and amenities found in such facilities are comparable to those in typical housing complexes, though certain activities may be more geared towards senior’s wellness etc.

Assisted Living refers to housing that is geared towards aging adults that require more involved assistance to navigate daily activities such as bathing, dressing, during household chores, and taking medication. On-site staff typically includes at least one medical professional that are on call 24 hours a day. It is worth noting, however, that assisted living (AL) residences do not typically providing intensive hands-on care for those who may require advance treatment or regular access to a full medical staff.

How Do I Know Which Facility Suits Me?

The best way to determine what kind of senior’s residence meets your needs is to have an honest conversation with yourself, your loved ones, as well as any relevant medical professionals about your current and future health needs. Many adults aged 60+ are quite comfortable within independent living facilities, but for those who have current medical conditions or who may require additional assistance in the near future, assisted living may be a better fit.

About St. Andrew’s Centre

St. Andrew’s Centre is a independent living complex located in the beautiful Westmount area of Edmonton, Alberta. With plenty of parks, places of worship, shopping centres, and access to public transportation, our residents are able to stay involved in the outside community with ease. Paired with our diverse community activities (featuring our very own artist in residence), there’s always a way to get involved and stay active!

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