COVID-19 Update

I have received many concerns from residents within the last week regarding a perceived change of attitude among our community in regard to our guidance for protection from COVID 19. Many feel that their neighbors have turned to a blasé approach with following protection measures.

Our recent COVID survey indicates the wish of almost 90% of the community to remain vigilant in our efforts and within our current practices to keep limitations in place until our facility has had the opportunity to receive vaccinations.

I know that many residents, staff, and visitors feel weary regarding this virus and the constraints it has placed upon us all, however we must be conscientious in keeping our community and each other protected.

We have been contacted by AHS as to the number of residents who reside in our facility for vaccine scheduling and I am hopeful we will receive a date confirmation soon. I continuously advocate on behalf of all residents and staff within our facility for vaccine distribution with AHS and the Health Ministry.

Please continue to wear your masks in common areas, recognize social distancing measures and follow the guidelines in respect to sitting in the atrium and leaving the Centre for essential services only.

Stay safe and well.

Wanda Beaudoin
Chief Operating Officer

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