COVID-19 Update

Dear Cherished Residents, Staff and Loved Ones,

Public Health has notified the Centre that a Health Care Worker who provides care services to clients in our building has tested positive for COVID 19. As a result, we have been placed as a site under investigation. When the Health Care Worker visited the site on December 30th, 2020 the worker was wearing all necessary protective equipment and was not showing any symptoms of illness. All residents who have had direct contact with this worker were immediately placed on isolation measures when the Centre was notified and were swabbed for the virus as a precaution. Due to the fast reporting of the Health Care Worker and appropriate measures for safety taken while providing care services to clients the risk of transmission of the virus is considered LOW. The swift compliance of the residents directly affected in our community to isolate for 14 days from exposure and their willingness to be tested for the virus has also assisted in keeping the community safe and helps to reduce the RISK of potential additional exposures. I am extremely grateful to these residents for their cooperation and collaboration on this matter.

Under the direction of the MEDICAL OFFICER OF HEALTH, in this type of situation, facility wide asymptomatic testing will occur for all residents who reside at the Centre and all staff. Alberta Health service swabbing staff will arrive at the Centre on Tuesday, Jan.5, 2021 to complete this task. This is a necessary step to protect all residents and employees of our Centre.

I kindly ask residents for their voluntary compliance while the swabbing occurs. Testing staff will go suite to suite to complete the testing in a systematic method starting at 9am. A St. Andrews staff person will accompany the testers to assist when needed and offer support to residents if required. For residents- please proceed as follows when a tester arrives at your suite:

  • Have your Alberta Health Care Card ready so the information can be documented quickly to your confidential requisition.
  • Wear a mask when answering your door for the protection of all persons involved.
  • Follow the directions given by the tester.

Information such as resident names, suites numbers and on file telephone numbers have been supplied in advance to Alberta Health for ease of service. All manners of confidentiality have been respected in this transfer of information. You will be notified directly via a recorded telephone message of your personal test results.

You will have a nasal or throat swab completed, unfortunately I cannot confirm at this time which way tests will be completed or a time of arrival at your suite for test completion. Once your individual test is completed you can proceed as you normally would in your daily routine. Test results typically arrive within 2-5 days after testing although we have received some results sooner than this time period. The Centre will also receive the results of the tests so that we may proceed with necessary measures accordingly.

Over the next 14 days I ask that residents and staff self-monitor at least twice daily for any signs or symptoms of COVID 19. If you require a list of these symptoms, please call the main office and a copy of these indictors will be provided for you. If you feel unwell, please contact the office immediately to report your illness. For medical emergencies please call 911.

 I realize that this is distressing news for some to hear but I want to affirm that this testing is completed as a cautionary action. I will continue to keep you updated as we receive information.

 Warm Regards,


Wanda Beaudoin
Chief Operating Officer

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