COVID-19 Update

Summer Greetings!

 I write this memo with happiness and optimism.

On July 13, 2021 an official order from the Chief Medical Officer of Health was issued rescinding many restrictions at congregate living sites in a 2 phased approach which must begin July 31, 2021.

Phase 1 has a direct impact on daily life within our Centre and St. Andrews has decided to implement changes effective IMMEDIATELY. Changes that directly impact residents are as follows:

  1. Visitors to the residents and our Centre are no longer restricted. This means that our Centre will:
  • Allow individuals who want to come into the Centre access (visitors, parishioners, clients from the salon, delivery/service personal, moving people, etc).
  • ALL VISITORS will be allowed in our common areas, Café, outside gardening areas, etc. Visitors can resume dining in the Garden Café/Atrium areas.
  • ALL VISITORS must wear MEDICAL masks in common areas- removing them if they want to eat in the Café when seated. This measure includes children of school age. Children of all ages are expected to be actively supervised in common areas, hallways, alcoves, outdoor areas, etc and in the company of an adult at all times. Children cannot roam the Centre alone for any reason (examples include but not limited to: going to the Café to get ice cream, sitting in the hallway alcove playing on a cellphone, etc).
  • ALL VISITORS MUST BE HEALTH SCREENED (including delivery and/or service people) prior to entry into the building. Visitors will be given a new medical mask to wear from the health assessment desk as a measure of safety, no cloth masks will be allowed. The taking of temperatures is no longer required for visitors. Delivery employees will be asked to distribute personal packages to the residents’ suite although different company policies may prohibit them from entering the building. These items will continue to be received in the main lobby at the assessment desk for resident notification and retrieval.
  • Our main entrance into the Centre will remain locked to ensure health screening of visitors. No guests should be granted access using other facility entrances or the enterphone system by residents unless visitors have been health screened.
  • Visitors are NOT EXPECTED to disclose vaccination status.
  • Residents are free to come and go as they choose with no isolations measures regardless of vaccination status unless they choose to travel internationally (please discuss this protocol with the main office if required).
  1. Guest suites and meeting rooms bookings will resume following pre-pandemic procedures.
  2. Catering can resume for functions, etc. Funerals/functions without limits can be booked.
  3. Residents no longer need to be health screened upon returning from outings of any kind and may enter the building from unrestricted doorways.
  4. All resident activities can return to pre-pandemic normal, no limit on capacity for attendance and/or need to social distance. Entertainers may be booked and perform.
  5. No restrictions on food sharing.
  6. Staff must continue to wear medical masks and be health screened (including temperatures) upon arrival to work.

Residents/staff must continue to report signs/symptoms of COVID illness to the main office, isolate immediately and adhere to further instructions given at that time.

These are pleasant and positive adjustments to the restrictions we have been living under for months and each individual will adjust within their own comfort level and timeframe. I ask everyone to be respectful and kind of one other’s decision-making process. Wearing masks remains is a personal choice of each resident living in our Centre.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the main office for assistance.

Warm Regards,


Wanda Beaudoin

Chief Operating Officer

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