COVID-19 Update

We have received confirmation from Alberta Health Services that residents will receive their 2nd dose of vaccine on Monday, April 5th , 2021 from 9:30am- 4pm in the auditorium. As a reminder the type of vaccine that will be offered is from Pfizer.

We will be using the same appointment times for residents as we had scheduled for the 1st clinic however if this poses a scheduling conflict for you please contact the main office to discuss alternate arrangements. If a resident is on isolation precautions or has mobility difficulties other preparations will be made for you to receive the 2nd inoculation on the 5th, please contact the main office for information.

If you are a new resident to the building or missed the 1st clinic due to Centre absence, etc and you wish to be immunized, please notify us immediately so we can attempt to make arrangements for you to attend.

Residents coming to be vaccinated must wear a mask to the clinic, should wear a short- sleeved shirt, will be required to present their Alberta Health Care Card and give verbal consent to accept the injection on the day of the clinic. To avoid congestion in the atrium please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to your booked appointment time slot.

Should you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact the main office at 780-452-4444.

Warm Regards,

Wanda Beaudoin

Chief Operating Officer

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