COVID-19 Update

Good Day,

We have reviewed the data collected from our recent visitor survey issued in our December newsletter, on our St. Andrews Centre website and Facebook page regarding visitors to our Centre having access to common areas and the Garden Café.

The results from the survey indicate that visitors of residents should have access and use of these areas providing that the visitors have verified vaccination status.

In response to the wishes of our residents, St. Andrew’s will allow visitors access to common areas and the Garden Café following the provincial mandate of scanning QR codes for verification of vaccination status. Unfortunately, unvaccinated visitors will not be permitted to use these areas but may still purchase take out and return to a resident’s personal suite to enjoy their meal with a loved one.

We will supply vaccination verification stations at the Health Assessment Desk for visitors wishing to visit in our common areas and a vaccination verification station in the Garden Café for visitors wishing to eat in the Café or the atrium.

As this is a new process for employees at St. Andrew’s Centre, I kindly ask residents and visitors to be patient as we integrate the procedure into our daily practices at the Centre. We hope to complete this by early next week.

For clarification, unvaccinated visitors will still be allowed entrance into the facility meeting the requirements at the Health Assessment Desk but must enjoy the company of their loved one in the resident’s personal suite.

At this time, we will also open our guest suites for rentals to visitors of loved ones at the Centre with verified vaccination status upon arrival for check in subject to availability.

Should you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact me at 587-525-8708.

Warm Regards,

Wanda Beaudoin

Chief Operating Officer

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