COVID-19 Update

Sunshine Greetings!

Thank you for your participation in our recent survey regarding visitor guidelines. We had an amazing response that clearly reflects the wishes of our internal community.

On May 10, 2021 we begin to welcome your four (4) designated/support persons into the Centre for visiting privileges, at your convenience, IN YOUR SUITE. If you have not contacted the main office to register these guests, I encourage you to do so to avoid delays or confusion upon arrival. Please be aware that this is a non-negotiable mandate under the new CMOH orders. All residents have the CHOICE to assign up to 4 designated support persons to assist them inside their suites for areas related to personal wellness- physical, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc. These visitors are not interchangeable (except in extenuating circumstances that are discussed and agreed upon with site management). It is the expectation that if one of your designated support persons is unavailable to assist you then another person out of the 3 designated visitors the resident has already chosen should be able to fulfill the resident’s needs.

Prior to entry into our facility your visitor will be verified by a staff member to have been authorized as a designated/support person. The visitor will then be asked to take a moment to review the Safe Visiting Practices handout and complete a personal risk exposure assessment for COVID 19. It is the shared responsibility of all to keep our residents, staff and visitors protected from possible exposure to this virus. Please note that visitors may be asked for picture identification to verify their person. Designated visitors are asked to review and to be accountable of the potential risk he/she may bring entering our community if they come from high risk zones, work in high risk areas for exposure to COVID, etc. Copies of “Safe Visiting Practices” will be available at the main lobby desk and on our website at


As a reminder- ALL VISITORS must check in at the health assessment desk in the main lobby. Any visitors found entering through residents only doors and avoiding check in will be asked to leave the Centre immediately. No visitors should be in possession of a resident access key. The entrance from the West Parking Lot by the Parish Rectory will reopen on May 10, 2021 for ease of access into the main lobby.

Please note the following guidelines for all designated/support persons:

  • Visitors can be minors. Visitors under the age of 14 MUST be accompanied by another designated visitor over the age of 18 and/or the resident at all times.
  • Complete health screening and risk assessment (including a temperature check).
  • Wear a mask continuously while indoors.
  • Sanitize their hands upon entry and exit.
  • Visitors must only visit with the resident they are supporting in the resident’s suite.
  • No overnight visits allowed.

We encourage the practice of physically distancing in your suite as you conduct your visits if possible.

Please be aware that based on our survey results designated visitors will not be allowed to be in the Centre’s common areas. Should you wish to purchase meals from our Garden Café, take out service will be available to visitors following the safe practices for use of the Café or you may call to enquire about delivery service at 587-525-8718. The only common area in which designated visitors will have access to is the laundry room. If a designated visitor is helping a resident to wash laundry (with or without the resident present), access into the laundry room is permitted. Masks must always be worn by designated visitors in the laundry area.

Regarding indoor social visits with non-designated persons, based on the survey results, social indoor visits will NOT be allowed inside the Centre. Indoor visits of 4 people from the same household (5 people including the resident) may be booked using the Father Irwin room adjacent to the front lobby reception desk starting May 10, 2021. Please be aware that this room will be a multiple use visiting area and may have more than 1 group visiting at a time. Groups are not to intermingle. Please note the following criteria for use of this area:

  • All visitors will be health screened; this includes child of school age.
  • All visitors will be asked to wear a mask (children under the age of 5 are excluded).
  • All visitors must complete hand hygiene prior to entering the area.
  • All visitors must remain in their assigned visiting area.
  • No sharing of food and drink. Individual servings (example: cup of coffee from external vendor) is acceptable, however visitors must be socially distanced to safely consume items and replace mask after consumption.
  • Lobby restrooms are available for visitor use. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by another person.
  • Visits are subject to timelines of 90 minutes if required to meet visiting demands.
  • Please call the main office to schedule your visit at 780-452-4444 ext#0
  • Visiting hours are from 9am to 9pm daily.

Survey results related to outdoor visits indicate that the majority of residents believe that the suitable outdoor visiting area is in the Front East Courtyard. Due to the start of concrete construction on May 10, 2021 we will not have the ability to accommodate outdoor visiting until the construction is completed. Residents indicated in the survey that the majority disagree with moving outdoor visits of up to 10 persons indoors. Until construction is completed, we encourage residents wishing to visit with non- designated visitors to book an indoor visit following the above noted principles.

We will continue to re-evaluate the measures and make changes as indicated following orders issued by the Chief Medical Officer of Health. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all adjust to these new visiting measures and making adaptions as needed.

Currently, we have no new direction regarding residents who wish to visit their cabins, go on vacation over the summer months, etc. I anticipate we will receive guidelines on these areas shortly after the events of community exposure are in better control in the Edmonton Zone and Provincially. We continue to respect the measure put in place by the Provincial government regarding social visits to loved one’s homes remaining against the law.

I kindly ask that we all continue to be faithful in our commitment to the health and safety of our community. I believe that a return to “normal” is on it’s way and when the time comes and is safe we will return to a world of warm hugs, the laughter of our families and music filling our days along with the good company of our neighbors in our favorite places. We have worked so diligently to protect our home let us remain strong in our endeavors.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the main office for assistance.

Warm Regards,


Wanda Beaudoin

Chief Operating Officer

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