From the Office of the Chief Operating Officer

With Fall in full swing I am excited that we will be having our first ever St. Andrew’s Centre block party on Oct.1st, 2019. In partnership with the City of Edmonton presenting information on fraud awareness for seniors, the Centre has planned a free BBQ lunch for the residents. I encourage everyone to attend to meet the people who reside and work in our internal community. We will have a selection of hamburgers, chicken burgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, coleslaw, baked beans, chips, ice cream, iced tea and water available. In the interest of making sure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the lunch we will be limiting quantities of items to 1 per person and you must be a resident of St. Andrew’s Centre to attend. Please see the announcement in the newsletter for the time and place.

Also, in full swing is the Federal Election!! I encourage everyone to go to the auditorium and vote on Oct.21st, 2019. St. Andrew’s Centre is an official advanced and regular polling station so you will not have to leave the Centre to have your say! Check the newsletter for the official dates and time and remember to register if you have changed residences since the last election. We will have candidates visiting our building and have gone to great effort to plan specific dates and times for you to meet the contenders running in our area from some of the parties who have contacted us. I encourage you to attend these events and ask questions of these candidates on what are important issues to you.

I am hoping that we have been able to allow everyone to return to the East underground parking lot at the time of issuing this newsletter. We have painted the parkade walls to assist with making the area better visually, cleaned the area and are planning to redo the parking stall lines. I wish to thank everyone for the cooperation and patience with having to park in the lot outside over the last 2 months. When you return to the lot everyone will return to their original stall and parking fees will resume at that time.

The concrete work has been delayed due to the weather however we believe the most difficult aspects of the construction are completed. We are hopeful that weather permitting, construction should be completed by mid-October.

The roof is in the process of evaluation through insurance with the damage it sustained during the hailstorm in early August. We are hoping that repair work will commence shortly and will communicate through mailbox letters and poster when we have further details regarding the repairs.

I ask that all residents and visitors in the Centre, in the interest of your health and safety, DO NOT go into any area is marked with a “Do Not Enter, Construction Zone” sign. We understand that people are curious about what may be happening in these places however this can lead to preventable problems. If we continue to discover that individuals are entering these areas warning letters will be issued and placed on tenant files. I thank you in advance for your cooperation on this matter.

We had a great response from our programming survey that took place in September. I thank all those residents who participated. The winner of the draw for a free breakfast/ lunch card is Lucien Villeneuve!

Many events have reconvened now that the summer is over. If you require information regarding programming, please stop by the main office for information. Please be aware that some events require you to sign up in advance of the class as size is limited. We will have upcoming important events such as St. Andrew’s Day in November and our Annual Friends and Family Christmas Buffet on Dec.14, 2019 which is a Saturday event this year.

Lastly, I invite you to join us in the atrium on Oct.17th, 2019 for a special announcement. We have some exciting news to let you know about in our community and will be having a small festivity to celebrate. The time is yet to be determined so watch for display posters on the bulletin boards.

At the time of writing this message the weather looks to be turning colder in the next days. I remind everyone to be health conscious in our building. If you are feeling unwell, please stay in your suite if at all possible, to avoid spreading unhealthy germs in our community. We had a very successful year last flu season eliminating contamination and outbreaks in our community due to the collaboration of our tenants and staff. A reminder that Flu shots will be available through Centric Health/Pharmacare in our community on Halloween Day. Many of you have returned the information forms and we thank you for your attentive response.

Stay Warm!

Best Regards,